Illinois Super Interstate Highways

Illinois is a state of the United states which is one of the most populated states. It is bordering and Mississippi River in the West and Indiana in the East.


Illinois interstate highways include:

I-24. Its length feature is 39 miles, primarily connecting St. Louis and secondarily connecting Nashville and I-57.

I-39. It covers the entire length from Winsconsin Line to I-55, running around 157 miles. It is a free-traffic route from upper Midwest to the southeast. It controls Bloomington, Rockford and Madison cities.

I-55. The highway is Stevenson Expressway which covers entire length from Chicago to Missouri line. The highway consists of six lanes, running 293 miles and passes four major metropolitan areas in Illinois.

I-57. This highway controls Mt. Vernon, Memphis, Chicago, Champaign, Sikeston and Effingham cities which runs around 357 miles. It is characterized as the longest interstate.

I-64. This highway runs for 130 miles. It serves different cities (Fairview Heights, Mt. Vernon, Nashville, Okawville, East Saint Louis) and different counties (White, Washington, St. Clair, Clinton, Jefferson and Wayne).

I-70. It is named as Dwight D. Eisenhower which runs 156 miles. It is a major highway connecting Baltimore and Utah. It primarily controls St. Louis, Indianapolis and secondarily controls Terre Haute and St. Louis, Effingham.

I-72. The highway runs 182 miles in which it oftentimes free of traffic. The name of the highway is Purple Heart Memorial Highway with multiplexes such as US 36, US 51 and I-55.

I-74. It covers the entire length from Iowa to Indiana line which runs 220 miles. This highway passes six metropolitan areas in Illinois with multiplexes such as US6, US 51, I-55, I-280.

I-80. This highway consists of 8 lanes which runs 164 miles. The highway names are tri-State tollway and Kingery Expressway. It primarily controls Toledo City and other cities like Gary, Des Moines, Moline and Joliet.

I-88. It runs 143 miles and also known as Ronald Reagan Tollway. It controls Aurora, Chicago and rock Island cities and serves Lee, Ogle, Whiteside, DeKalb, Kane and Cook counties.

I-90. Historically, this highway was completed in 1958, running 124 miles. The highway names are Dan Ryan Expressway, Kennedy Expressway, Northwest Tollway and Chicago Skyway with multiplexes such as I-39, US 51 and I-94.

I-94. The highway names include Bishop Ford, Tri-State Tollway, Kingery Expressway, Edens Expressway. It runs 62 miles controlling Milwaukee and Chicago cities.

Other interstates include I-155 (32 miles), I-172 (19 miles), I-180 (13 miles), I-190 (3 miles), I-255 (31 miles), I-270 (15 miles), I-280 (14 miles), I-290 (30 miles), I-294 (53 miles), I-355 (32 miles) and I-474 (15 miles).

Illinois superhighways are characterized by congested freeways and surface streets in the urban as well as the suburban of areas of St. Louis and Chicago.