Information on the highway in the world

Roads are the main man made places used for transportation. Different roads can lead you to many destinations. There are roads that are special as they have some features that make them different than the others. There is the longest highway that is located in Canada.  Canada has the record as the second biggest country in the whole world basing on the land area it occupies. It has 1,350,581 kilometers of roads that are paved according to record.

In the Guinness Book of World Records, it is recorded that the Pan-American Highway has the achievement as the longest in the world that is considered as a passable or in good condition road. Its role is important as it connects nations from North and also South America. The exception is only the area of 100 kilometer. It is called the Darien Gap that is occupied by a swampland and forest area.

If you are curious on how the interstate highway system was developed, you can know the name of former President and Army General Dwight D. Eisenhower. He draws the inspiration when he stayed in the country Germany when he was stationed there and saw the high speed roads. From there the idea of interstate was developed by him and is now used in different countries. I think now the use of software design version can help in the process of building these interstate highways.