Significance of Indiana Department of Transportation

Roads are very necessary for the transportation of mankind on this earth. This is why when the congress offered the Indiana the chance to improve its highways, Indiana grabbed this opportunity in order for the state of Indiana to be developed as it is today, and there was  the birth of  Indiana State Highway Commission (ISHC) in 1919  and became Indiana Department  of Highways(IDOH) in 1981.

This continued its service until it became Indiana Department of Transportation(INDOT) in 1989. The department continued its history.

Through the Federal Aid Highway Act (Interstate Highway System today) introduced the construction of Interstate in the different states in the United States. Of course, INDOT participated in this action so there was also the development of Indiana Interstate and US highways.

Since INDOT is responsible for the construction of infrastructure such as highways, airport, railroads and canals for the state of Indiana, they worked on the project of establishing interstates receiving a budget of $813 million from many programs aiming for the development of all the states in the US.

Thanks to the cooperation of all the States in the United States, many railways, highways, airports and interstates are built. Now, Indiana has highways connecting states with each other for the betterment of the transportation. The development of public works is the largest project in the United States.

This is why many people are amazed with the construction of the Interstate highways because it lead to the best kind of transportation people can access in this age not to mention of the safety that people can benefit from.