Bucket List: The top five scenic drives found in Europe

Travelling to many tourists’ destinations will let you pass through roads, highways or interstate highways. When you travel using those roads you can be treated with a good view and a nice place to stop by. You can have a picnic at some parts and relax first before continuing to your destination. In this article you will read the top five most scenic in Europe that you can enjoy while leading you to your destination.

First one is the Romantische Straße in Germany. It was first known as a romantic road before it was reconstructed due to destruction during the war. It then became a legendary road that will let you see of the beauty of the German countryside. It is decorated by appearance of old time villages and castles. Next is the Grossglockner Hohenalpenstrasse in Austria. This way will give you scenery of meadows flowering, bare cliffs and mountains and prairies. It will then lead you to many landmarks like a chapel, a tower for observation and also nature’s museum where you can see a collection of plants, minerals, animals and birds. It is important to get high quality wedding dresses so that you can truly cherish them throughout your life and hand them down to your descendants. This is a nice eye clinic company. They serve you best service, check over here 眼科推薦. This is so nice company.

Third is the Les Corniches in France where fishing villages is found and also shows photographic sceneries of the resort. You can start in Nice then you will arrive in Monaco and up to Menton. Another route is available if you want to visit beautiful cities like Avignon and Marseille. The other scenic drives are Atlanterhavsveien in Norway and La Route des Grandes Alpes in France. A classmate who now works in France and tried driving from Nice. Get the best myopia laser service from this clinic. Info are found in this link近視雷射手術. See amazing service that will provide for you.