Hope for Transportation

Unites States bears its title even in highways. The state is not only called united by name but by its action. United States is the only state that has the large interstate in the world. This is due to the birth of the National State System of the United States.

While people of the nations suffer from transportation to go to other part of the land, the United States built roads, highways to go through other states. This is the interstate that was initiated by the States Act. It is not anymore a problem going to other states like it was until the middle of the 20th century.

People now do not need to be transferring from a vehicle to another vehicle due to the establishment of the Interstate highways. While people are using planes to go to a neighboring nation or area that is impossible to travel to by  bus, the United States is using land transportation vehicle.

How amazing is this? The most important a person can do is to travel for business, vacation or anything related for life.

At last people in the United States were able to construct highways  that would reach the end of the state to another state. This is perhaps the power of the United States not only in technology but in budget and everything.

Many people would like to cross boundaries. Thanks to the development of interstate highways. Interstate is really beneficial for all the people in the United States. This is why United States is the place of comfort and heaven, as others say.